About Me

Hi, I'm Alexandra Diaz Vargas, a Colombian fashion designer and illustrator who grew up in a family with strong ethical values and a passion for big dreams. Since 2018, I've been working on my own brand, "Alexxx by Yul," with the goal of making it grow and today it becomes a reality through the garments you can find in our online store. My main distinctive touch are my unique illustrations, designed by my own hand and creativity, that are now visible to the whole world and can be worn by entrepreneurial, dreamy, determined, mothers, single women, and fighters like me. I'm a woman who believed in her dreams and is now making them come true in the land of opportunities, the United States. With a degree in Fashion Design and an innate ability for fashion illustration, my garments reflect not only my passion and dedication but also my skill and expertise. I'm very proud to showcase my work and I invite you to be part of my journey by wearing my exclusive designs.


Alexandra Diaz Vargas

My Passion, my illustrations , my love , my family is for you, thank you per visit our web site.